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Responsible Gambling


At Palmerbet we intend to offer a betting service that is fun and entertaining to our clients, However for some people, gambling can have negative impacts. We want you to enjoy your gambling and bet responsibly and not let your gambling get the better of you.

"Responsible Gambling” is a broad concept that aims to ensure gambling is conducted in a manner whereby the potential for harm associated with problem gambling is minimised. It respects the responsibility of individuals for their own actions, but also acknowledges a responsibility on the part of service providers.

The aim is to enable persons to make informed decisions about their participation in gambling and, if harm has occurred, to access gambling help services.


Problem gambling occurs when a person loses control over their gambling, particularly the scope and frequency of gambling, the amount of money gambled and the amount of time devoted to gambling. The negative consequences of problem gambling may include:

  • the punter suffering excessive financial losses relative to the gambler’s means (including unpaid household bills, credit card debts or loans);
  • adverse personal effects on the punter (such as anxiety, depression or stress) and/or their family;
  • adverse effects on employment and work performance (including missing work or having trouble concentrating at work);
  • losing the ability to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle due to spending an excessive amount of time gambling;
  • regretting the amount of time lost or wasted due to gambling; and
  • other costs which are borne by the community.


We are committed to sharing responsibility, with communities and Government bodies, for helping problem gamblers to identify their problem and seek assistance. Some of the ways that we do this are:

  • allowing our clients to set a pre-commitment limit;
  • allowing our clients to self-exclude (either temporarily or permanently) from betting with us. A 7 day window applies to clients who request for the flag to be removed;
  • providing Responsible Gambling information and messages to our clients;
  • engage our staff about Responsible Gambling training; and
  • referring our clients who are at risk of problem gambling to gambling-related support services.

We aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  • minimising the extent of gambling related harm to individuals and the broader community;
  • enabling clients to make informed decisions about their gambling practices;
  • enabling people adversely affected by gambling to have access to timely and appropriate assistance and information;
  • promoting a shared understanding between individuals, communities, the gambling industry and Government of responsible gambling practices; and
  • ensuring the gambling industry provides safe and supportive environments for the delivery of gambling products and services.

Contact information

If gambling is a problem for you call Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 or visit the website www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au

Alternatively Gambling Help offer a mobile phone application that makes it easy to set a gambling budget and stick to it.


You can download it here for iphone and here for android:

How we can help

Pre-commitment/setting loss limits/Self exclusion

Palmerbet allows you to set limits on what you can lose. Palmerbet also offers a self- exclusion program. You can exclude yourself on either a temporary or permanent basis. To learn more and to action pre-commitment, setting loss limits or self-exclusion click here and log into your account.

Where a customer has elected to exclude themselves from our services, Palmerbet makes every reasonable effort to prevent the use of existing accounts or opening a new account by that customer. If you self-exclude you must not attempt to open an account or place any bets with us. If you do so you will be fully liable for all activity and bets placed on your account.

Keep track of transactions

You can access a full history of transactions, withdrawals and deposits through the 'My Account' section of our website.

Promotion of services

Palmerbet does not market to individuals for whom gambling has become a problem. We do not market or promote our services to persons who have not attained the age of 18 years.

Codes of Practice

Some states have set codes of practice that apply to gambling and gambling providers providing services in their state.

The following Codes of Practice published by the South Australian Independent Gambling Authority have been adopted by Palmerbet in relation to its South Australian customers:

Advertising Code of Practice

Responsible Gambling Code of Practice

Requirements for Systems and Procedures Designed to Prevent Betting by Children

We Support

NSW Government’s ‘Betiquette’ responsible gambling initiative.

What is Betiquette? Betiquette is a mix of good old-fashioned etiquette, with responsible betting.

Find out more here: http://www.betiquette.nsw.gov.au/

Terms last updated 28 Oct 2017

Odds received at the time of bet placement.

Guarantees a win dividend equal to the highest win dividend of all 3 Australian totalisers + Starting Price (SP) as declared by the jurisdictions official price (ie NOP, SAOP VOP, QOP) where available, otherwise the VOP will be used. For each way bets, the place portion is paid at middle tote.

This product is the best of the 3 Australian TAB prices. For each way bets, the place portion is paid at middle tote.

Pays the best price fluctuation determined by the jurisdictions official price (ie NOP, SAOP VOP, QOP) where available, otherwise the VOP will be used. Note Top Fluc bets may be subject to deductions if there is a scratching. Top Fluc betting will be provided up to 35 minutes before a race.

Tote + 5%: This product is the Victorian Super TAB Win Dividend + 5%

This product is the Victorian Super TAB Place Dividend + 5%

This product is the middle dividend of the 3 Australian TAB prices

This product is the middle place dividend of the 3 Australian TAB prices

Guarantees the highest dividend of the Top Fluctuation and the Best Tote Dividends. For each way bets, the place portion is paid at middle tote.

The amount that can currently be withdrawn from your account. Any difference between this and your balance may be due to recent deposits or bonus bet turnover requirements. For more information on turnover requirements please see our promotional terms and conditions.